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About Us

(Really, About You)

Our founding story began at the dawn of the great Quarantine of 2020... aaand nobody cares. This is not about us -- this is about YOU. Do you know yourself? What is your body type? What motivates you to move and live an active lifestyle? Who encourages you to challenge yourself?

This Is Who We Are

This Is Who We Are

You may have heard this before: Don't exercise because you hate your body, do so because you love it. Now, how do you convey that message in just two words? Yeah Body! Our brand is all about expressing Body Image Positivity, and we made it easy to remember.

Exercise is Love

At Yeah Body, we recognize exercise as a form of self-love. We also believe that you should love what you're wearing while you exercise. Yeah Body® helps you embrace the idea of exercising out of love for your body instead of falling into the "dread" mindset. It's not an accident that our clothes fall just perfectly on your body. Find out more about how the Yeah Body philosophy gives you the confidence to live, move, and love your body in and out of the gym!

What makes Yeah Body® different from the Hundreds of other Workout Brands?

What makes Yeah Body® different from the Hundreds of other Workout Brands?

Our apparel doesn't just clothe your body in a lightweight, supportive and flattering designs that look great in and out of the gym. It also clothes your mind in inspiration and encouragement. We've consulted and collaborated with personal trainers and physical therapists to create designs that freely and optimally give you the power to move your body. You're getting inspiration with every step you take with help from form, function, and style. Streetwear meets the gym in our versatile collections.

Physical and mental optimization never looked so stylish!

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The Body-Type Difference

Stop trying to squeeze who you are into apparel that puts everyone in a body box. Yeah Body acknowledges that not all body types are the same. We've built this concept into every design. We've intentionally abandoned the rigged ideas of small, medium, and large sizes to use real-world sizing. Standard sizing from mainstream brands assumes that everyone shares uniform measurements just because they wear the same sizes. You already know how that goes!

What did we do differently to create such flattering, versatile fits?

Yeah Body designs our collections with the idea that there are at least three distinct body types to design for when creating each piece of apparel. We're able to develop realistic sizing and better fits. We also work one-on-one with our customers during the ordering process to help them identify their body types for optimal fits and unmatched satisfaction.

Yeah Body's body-positive designs are waiting to help you in your self-love revolution! Browse our collection, live our collection, and love your body! Let us know how we can help you claim the perfect fit today!